Nucleic acid isolation

We manufacture nucleic acid isolation kits. Various sources of nucleic acids require different approaches to isolation and purification. Our AnySample™ are suitable for widest variety of samples. Unnecessary mixture components are lysed or inactivated, nucleic acids are adsorbed on columns, washed, and then eluted in pure form.

KeepRNA, Stabilization and Storage Solution for RNA

Aqueous solution for rapid stabilization and storage of cellular RNA in tissues and cell cultures.
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3031-50mL 50 mL $69.00 现货

Linear polyacrylamide for nucleic acids precipitation

Nucleic acid coprecipitant. Suitable for PCR and RT-PCR reactions.
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2863-100uL 100 uL –   现货
2863-500uL 500 uL $110.00 现货

LumiZol RNA extraction reagent

LumiZol reagent is a solution for speedy extraction of RNA, DNA and proteins from various cell and tissue samples.
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91415 50 mL $105.00 现货

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