Protein labeling kits

Lumiprobe protein labeling kits contain pre-aliquoted reactive dye, all necessary auxiliary components and buffers, and desalting spin columns to achieve efficient, reproducible labeling of antibodies, and other proteins.

The labeled protein is purified by means of gel filtration on gel filled spin columns that are enclosed. This protocol ensures complete removal of the unbound dye, and excellent recovery of the labeled product. The protein is eluted in PBS buffer, ready for the use in most downstream applications.

The protocol is quick, effortless, and easy to follow.

AF 594 抗体标记试剂盒 (AF 594 antibody labeling kit)

即用型试剂盒,使用 AF 594 染料通过NHS酯化学作用标记抗体和蛋白质。该试剂盒包含所有必需的化学品和消耗品。
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